Need To Talk?

Ever feel like you are walking around with the weight of the world on your shoulders? Ever know that it would feel better to share your thoughts with a trusted buddy or family member, but for some reason you “hear a voice” saying: “No, that is weak. A soldier doesn’t disclose feelings. I need to tough it out!”

Well, you are not alone if you have this thought. Many people and indeed, many soldiers, believe that it is a sign of weakness to reveal sad thoughts, disclose emotions, spill out their feelings, or talk to another person about fears, anxieties and normal worries.

Talking to another person—a counselor, a trusted Guard buddy, a spiritual adviser, a close family member, a coach—is actually a sign of health. People with high mental fitness understand that no one can handle things all by themselves. We all need feedback. We all need new ideas to help us solve challenges, problems and everyday concerns.

Need to talk?

We all need to talk to someone. It is a sign of health and strength.

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