Moving Your Parent: A Checklist

Two Months before Move

  • Sort through belongings to reduce what will be moved
  • Sell or donate items no longer needed
  • Get three estimates for move; reserve the movers
  • Packing supplies: boxes, tape, markers, scissors and packing material
  • Have legal, medical, financial and insurance records accessible

One Month before Move

  • Pack items not being used: decorations, seasonal clothing, etc.
  • Make arrangements for pets
  • Cancel insurance policies that no longer apply
  • Change of address to Post Office

Two Weeks before Move

  • Notify Utility companies of the move
  • Sign up for services at the new location: cable and/or phone

One Week before Move

  • Pack a survival kit of clothes, medicines, special foods to carry through the day after the move
  • Finish packing; leave aside items needed in the final week
  • Notify magazine, friends, banks, newspaper, service providers bills of new address and phone number

Day before Move

  • Prepare parent for move: clothes and outerwear for move day
  • Have a supply of packing materials
  • Mark all boxes with room they should go to in new home

Moving Day

  • Information to have: phone and cable numbers, movers’ number
  • Home sale and agent details
  • Payment for movers
  • At new location walk movers through home and identify the rooms as marked on boxes and where furniture is to be placed
  • Have parent stay with sibling or friend during the move day
  • Valuable items should remain in a secure place
  • Save all moving receipts for possible tax deduction

Parent Move in Day

  • Arrive with your parent before a meal
  • Tour the new home with parent
  • Give parent phone and television directions

Within the First Week of New Home

  • Take your parent on a drive around the new home so as to orient to the neighborhood
  • Confirm with parent that the new home is set up safely as well as comfortable
  • Be open to calls from parent as the adjustment is taking place
  • Commit to regular phone calls and visits with your parent so there is a routine to look forward to
  • Know the staff and speak to them every visit