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Making the decision to homeschool is usually very difficult and not one to be taken lightly. When making the homeschool decision, consider:

  1. Time Commitment – Homeschooling takes up most of the day. It is more than just sitting down with books for a couple of hours. There are experiments and projects to be done, lessons to prepare, papers to grade, field trips, park days, music lessons, and the list goes on.
  2. Personal Sacrifice – The homeschool parent has little personal time. Parent and child are basically together 24/7.
  3. Financial Strain – Homeschooling can be accomplished very inexpensively. However, the teaching parent will not be working out of the home.
  4. Socialization – More attention will need to be given to getting the children together with others. A positive of homeschooling is being able to have more control of the child’s social. Homeschool Co-op classes can be used for socialization.
  5. Household Organization – Housework and laundry still have to be done, but it probably won’t get done first thing in the morning. Not only does housework need to be let go at times, but homeschooling creates messes and clutter in itself.
  6. Both Parents in Agreement – It is important that both parents agree to try homeschooling. If one parent is against this style of education, do more research and talk to more homeshcool families.
  7. Is your Child Willing? – A willing student is always helpful.
  8. One Year at a Time – It is not a lifetime commitment – most families take one year at a time.
  9. Intimidated by the Teaching? – If the “teacher” can read and write, the parent will be able to teach the children. The curriculum and teacher materials will help through the planning and teaching. Get help from others as needed.
  10. Why Others Began – It might be helpful to hear why other families chose homeschooling.

Is the family willing to make the personal and financial sacrifices that homeschooling requires? If so, try homeschooling for a year and see how it goes.

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