Finding A Tutor For Your Special Needs ChildDownload PDF

Types of Specialists

  • Learning Therapist
  • Educational Therapist
  • ADHD Coaches

The specialist should hold advanced degrees in special education, literacy, reading, psychology, or social work and have extensive experience working with special needs learners. Qualified learning specialists charge between $75 and $200 per hour, with top notch service and assistance.

Selecting a Specialist

  • Word of mouth—often the best way to find quality specialists
  • Discuss need with school—teachers and counselors
  • Speak to parents with special needs children

Questions to ask the Specialist:

  • Where will the teaching take place? An office setting creates a change of environment which often helps work progress.
  • What is the specialist’s qualifications: training, how many years in the field and programs used
  • Experience with similar special needs as your child
  • Fees, length of session, number of sessions needed, availability by phone between session(and is there a charge), availability to attend school meetings
  • Methods used to encourage student
  • References from parents with similar children


  • Visit two specialists with your child
  • Specialist should be easy to talk to, optimistic about work and interactive with you and your child
  • Does the specialist speak at a level that is not too advanced or too simplistic for your child?
  • Does the specialist use humor to create a comfortable atmosphere?
  • Take a sample problem for the specialist to help the child with

Getting Started

Once a specialist is chosen, you want to be sure your child gets the most out of the experience! The specialist may find it valuable to look at school homework however a program will be developed to focus on assisting a specific learning difficulty. Keep the specialist posted on feedback from the child’s teachers and provide teachers’ contact details in case the specialist wants to discuss progress directly with the teacher. The sessions with the learning specialist will work best when your child commits to the hard work of growing and developing as a learner.

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