JFI Celebrity Ambassadors

Rascal Flatts

We are proud to be Ambassadors for The Jason Foundation and support the organization’s efforts to prevent suicide. We believe the “Guard Your Buddy” Program will truly make a difference by adding additional resources for the Tennessee National Guard. We hope the Guard Members and their families will take full advantage of the services offered. We encourage all Guard Members to take the pledge to B1 for their battle buddies and families.

– Rascal Flatts, JFI Celebrity Ambassador

Charlie Daniels

The men and women of our National Guard face pressures and problems that, thank God, most of us are not confronted with. At times the mountains just seem too high to climb and they need help to make rational decisions and as a longtime supporter and believer in the Jason Foundation’s approach to dealing with these crisis times, I think it’s nothing short of wonderful that the Guard and the Jason Foundation are getting together to start the “Guard Your Buddy” program. I predict that it will bear much fruit.

– Charlie Daniels, JFI Celebrity Ambassador

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